Final  Step


Hello Lovely!

Step 1:


I am just so excited that you said yes to this spiritual journey!

I see something so magnificent in you and

am so honored to hold this sacred space for you!

Please watch this video as a warm welcome into this cohort!


Your Audio Download


As we come together as a group, lets clean up our divine goddess vibration so we can sparkle our true light together!

I have been praying for you for months now, before you even contacted me.  And it is my gift to hold this high vibration space for you, as you step into your fullness.

This track will help you reprogram and balance your divine feminine with your inner warrior. Please listen to it daily when you are driving, working out, or after your meditation!
And Together, let's amplify this powerful goddess vibration that is waiting to emerge.
Listen to this at least once a day for the next 30 days + watch how you begin to shift your divine feminine frequency! 

Step 3:


Please click on the picture below to download

 information about your upcoming training, cohort and retreat!


Legal Research and Writing

Structure of the Program

Notebook & Pad

Sample Curriculum

What to expect next...



You will receive an email 2 weeks before our

scheduled virtual retreat to touch base + give you some other information.


You will receive an email with your book list and online course registration. This is where you will sign in and introduce yourself to the cohort. 


We will send you a reminder with the virtual

retreat schedule + links for our LIVE cohorts sessions!


That's it Love!

I am so excited to be a part of your amazing

Spiritual  Journey!

Step 2:

Please download your re-programming tack to begin to tune your vibration for your cohort and the retreat! 


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