How this training was born...

I was overwhelmed. My schedule was completely booked and I had to start a waiting list. Now while this may sound intriguing, the vibration of making people wait to get help doesn’t feel so great. And being an empath I could feel the vibration of that list sitting in my field, along with the inability to create more time + space for them.

I asked Spirit for help!

I had an epiphany: what if I poured everything I knew about how to help people transform and the best way to run a spiritual business; and created a training and certified other people to do this kind of spiritual work!!! Then we could really begin to impact this world- that so needs our light and positive vibrational shifts.

I knew if I did offer this kind of training that I would have to offer a high quality experience, because anyone who knows me, knows I do everything with my whole heart. 

My Support

I wanted to make sure that the people who were called to this training felt totally supported by me and fully connected to these teachings.

So I developed a dynamic program that connects us online no matter where we are living on Earth. My intention is to help you turn your spiritual gifts and soul purpose into your career!

What this means for you...

Our Spiritual Life Coach certification program takes you through your own transformation first, and shows you how to do this inner healing work. Then you will have created and embodied the blend of experience with knowledge inside of yourself and will be prepared to work with your clients in an authentic way, after you are certified. It’s not only a body of knowledge, you will transform through this program.


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Virtual Retreat Format

We will start out with what we call Retreat Week, which is a virtual Healing Retreat Online. We open the retreat on a Thursday and have our first live cohort building session.  Then over the weekend, there are lessons unlocked for you to do your virtual work. We meet for 3 live sessions to discuss what you are learning and what is happening to you through the assignments. Then the following Thursday you are taken on a crystal journey to meet the best crystal to assist you on in becoming a Spiritual Life Coach!

Retreat Week

This retreat is a mindfully designed 8 days of small group training with Sophie, where you will learn all about The 4 R's Method: Recognize, Release, Reprogram, Radiate which will be the foundation for your inner healing and your future coaching practice. The spiritual magic flows through transformational discussions, guided meditations, sound bowl healings + all the high vibrational space Sophie holds for you you. You open, heal, begin to understand how connected you are to Spirit!

Your Cohort

These are the souls who are on this journey with you! During the retreat you will get to know your classmates and begin building connections with other like-minded souls! As a cohort, this is the space where we hold each other in love, kindness, and share our deepest and truest self. This connection + special group experience is an opportunity to truly connect and practice sharing your authentic self!

19 Week OnlineTraining 

You will have a login that gives you access to your virtual seat in our classroom. Reading + posting assignments will be posted each week that will help you grow, heal, and lead you into becoming this powerful Spiritual Coach. Here you will submit your weekly work to Sophie and interact with your cohort. This virtual container will guide your growth, hold collaborations with your cohort, lead your expansion beyond your current knowledge, and usher in deep transformation.

The 4 Modules of Learning




We will open up a whole new world to you on the inside, show you how to use imagery for healing and introduce you to your inner mansion. You will be reading and expanding your mind and learning how to do some deep meditation work to travel on the inner domain of your spirituality.




There is this little thing called your soul's blueprint.  It exists in your energy field and after we have released so much past gunk, we then raise your vibration towards your highest calling. Here you will learn how to get in touch with the Spiritual Vision of your life's calling. This will help you clearly define your spiritual gifts and how you can use them to start your spiritual business.



You will then be shown an array of different ancient spiritual principles that are translated to make sense in today's modern world. This knowledge will feed your soul and begin empowering you with techniques that you can use with your clients. 




This is where we begin to anchor in those spiritual gifts and access the left side of our brain to turn them into a business. You will learn how to build your website, define your target market, create your bio, develop your offer. This 4th module powerfully helps you step into becoming a powerful Spiritual Life Coach.

The 4 Modules Explained

Take a quick look at the four modules explained below. 

Group Coaching Sessions

There will be two group Coaching Session with Sophie each month.  We will have a coaching topic and then do all sorts of interesting activities that promote growth! 

The Final Month

You will get to download all of our templates + worksheets during the training that will help you tackle specific problems your clients have.  This makes it really easy for them to redirect their perspective and see from a new lens. And finally, you will get our coaching contracts and forms that we use when someone signs up, that keep track of their file, payment, etc. These downloads will prepare you so that you are completely ready for that next, or first client once you are certified. 

Final Exam

On the final week, there will be an exam where you are able to display all that you have embodied through these teachings! Please do not fear this step, it may not be what it seems!