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The Big

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You can finally relax because we will answer the big question: “What is the purpose of my life + how can I make the impact I know I am here for!"

Connect to 
the Divine Within

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The presence of God is everywhere, it surrounds us, is alive and in everything! This spiritual connection, once activated, gives you a foundation to support from the Universe + connection to Spirit like never before.

Dissolve the
Lower Frequencies

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Most people have limiting beliefs that create insecurity, lack, or doubt. As you feel more connected to source, we will show you how to detach from these false beliefs and dissolve the lower frequencies that have been holding you back.

Deepen Your
Spiritual Practice

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You will learn and integrate different spiritual technologies that treat the body, emotions, mind, energy, soul, and heart. Some examples of these spiritual technologies include light healing meditation journeys, deep discussions, sound healings, reprogramings, energy work, grounding and clearing work.

Discover Your
Own Answers

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As you build and incorporate this spiritual practice into your daily life, your inner quest begins to guide you.  This is when you will begin to discover your inner answers to the deeper life questions you have been holding in your heart.

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Take Aligned

New thoughts lead us to new questions, which lead us to new answers.  These new answers provide us a new template in moving forward on your unique path. Tapping into your unique spiritual gifts and the vision your soul has, makes this step seamless.

Let's quench your spiritual thirst!


Our Spiritual Life Coach Certification program will take you on a 5 month transformational journey, designed to help you dive deep into your inner domain to heal, and then a step-by-step guide on how to help others do the same!

Now is your chance!


You can become a trusted Spiritual Life Coach that empowers others. As you step into your truest self, manifest your deepest desires, embrace your future with joy, connect to Divinity speaking within.. YOU will access your inner wealth of wisdom!

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The Way it Works

Live Masterclasses | A Deeper Look at Our Spiritual Life Coach Training


I have spent the last Fourteen years and over 10,000 hours working with individuals in the one to one spiritual healing space! And it was here that I discovered my revolutionary process called The 4 R's Method©.

I began to see people transform through my work with them.  I started to notice this pattern that they all moved through. They would recognize a root wound, release the energy, reprogram the space, and radiate new light.


This became my revolutionary process and has transformed the lives of thousands, taking clients and students from wounded to free!


The first phase is discovering what the real issue is underneath the presenting problem. Often what brings a client in the door, is not their deepest issue.  So we dig to ask questions that can lead us down to their false belief system. Here we recognize the root issue that needs to be addressed. This is typically where traditional therapy stops.


We then explore this false belief system by teaching the client to do the inner work, using an array of different healing modalities, they begin to move outdated energy, memories, emotions, and fears out of the body. 


In the final stage, we begin to carry a new frequency and raised vibration. The client is then able to walk through life with new empowered thoughts, feeling better in their mind, body and spirit, is invigorated, and revitalized. This is when they get to RADIATE a higher frequency and their inner potential begins to blossom.

Access Your Spiritual Vision | A Deeper Look at Our Spiritual Life Coach Training
Radiating Self-Belief | A Deeper Look at Our Spiritual Life Coach Training


After we have released this stale energy, we begin to plant new seeds in that same space by reprogramming this inner space with new energy. This is a process of defining what it is the client truly desires and then creating these reprogrammings to be recited as medicine. By setting intentions and practicing these new frequencies, the client builds a powerful strategy to manifest their desires!


20 Weeks of Breakthrough Online Training | A Deeper Look at Our Spiritual Life Coach Training




T H E  O N L I N E
Spiritual Life Coach Certification  I N C L U D E S

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Retreat Week

8 Days of Training

8  Video Lessons Unlocked Daily

3  Live Cohort Building Sessions

8 Guided Light Healing Meditations

High Vibrational Space Holding

Online Cohort Sharing

Sound Bowl Healing (Downloadable)

Welcome Kit 

($100 upgrade)

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Building Tools

Creating Your Website

Defining Your Unique Offer

Sharing Your Spiritual Gifts

Signing up your first client


Over 100 Hours of Transformation

24 Hours of Spiritual Masterclass Training from Sophie

13 Live Group Coaching calls with Sophie

Breakthrough Concepts to Help
You Heal Yourself First

5 Months of Transformational Support from Our Program Success Coaches 

Spiral Notebook_Spiral Notebook.png

20 Week Training

Meditation Healing Journeys

Coaching Method Video Lessons
Weekly responses from Sophie

9  Live Group Masterclasses 
Live Opening + Closing Ceremony
7 Weeks of Shadow Coaching 

3 Weeks of Practice Coaching

20 weeks of online interaction/ feedback with Sophie + your cohort 

4 Book Studies

Transformation exercises every week

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Administrative Templates

Coaching Scripts

Worksheet Templates 

Downloadable Forms

Coaching Contracts




And walk away with:

 Action Oriented Techniques to help you RECOGNIZE the root issue

7 different spiritual modalities to help you RELEASE any stale energy 

7 unique affirmation tracks to help you REPROGRAM your life

New found spiritual understanding of how to RADIATE in 5D

Upgraded status to Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Need Help Making a Decision?

Watch below to learn the 4 tips that will help you make a decision!

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You will go through a full transformation process with your cohort in a cohesive step by step way to show YOU how to become this work.


Our program will give you:

✔️ A Powerful Coaching System

✔️ Realistic Action Steps

✔️ Productive Feedback

✔️ Positive Inspiration

✔️ Spiritual Community

✔️ Heart Connections

I am inviting YOU to make the impact you have been dreaming about. You can either make it happen, or just hope it will happen. So my question for you is, are you ready to step into your spiritual calling?

If you feel something calling you to join us, start your application below to see all our payment options.

Program Flow | A Deeper Look at Our Spiritual Life Coach Training