You have a big decision to make.  Maybe you feel something calling you to our program, but then the big DOUBT rises up from out of nowhere. This is normal. When we want to up-level our life, our ego can get inflamed and start digging her heals in. You may start having thoughts like... 


"I can’t, because I have too much going on.

I can’t afford it.

How do I know this is what I am supposed to do?

What if the spiritual part of this certification scares people away?


Or whatever else is rolling around in you.


we have a way for you to get an inner answer that is more aligned with your soul than you fear. Anytime you come up against making a big decision, please know that it is going to come with some turbulence. This is just how things go. This video will help you look at your question or your fear around this decision differently.

What if you saw this energy arising in you right now,

as your next step to healing? 

What if you understood that these limiting fears + beliefs

are keeping you where you are? 


What if you could go through a 4 step process +

come out the other side feeling confident

that you made the best decision. 

Watch our video and in just 4 minutes you will be closer to an answer! 

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