Are you a...



Light Worker, Energy Healer, Spiritual Warrior, or Coach who wants to ground your spiritual gift and make the impact that you have dreamt about?

Has your interest and passion for spirituality led you to awakening some new spiritual abilities?


Are you ready to take your spiritual gifts to a deeper level and expand your toolbox?


Are you a spiritual woman who wants to do more impactful work?

Or maybe you're already making a difference, but want to take your business to the next level?

Or perhaps...
you just want to deepen your spiritual quest + apply your transformation to the work you are already doing? 

Since you are reading this...
I bet a deeper part of you has woke up + is now calling you to help others!

I am so happy you are here!


We are offering you a way to connect the mission in your heart to the vision in your head with an action plan!

Our Spiritual Life Coach Training Program is a spiritually driven, hands on, interactive training

+ transformational experience

with Sophie that will help you finally get into alignment with the feeling that you are fully living your purpose!

We offer 2 options...

3 Day Weekend Retreat +

16 weeks online Course Work


16 weeks online Course Work 

with 1 Video session per week

The online classroom is very much like a safe + sacred cocoon where Sophie will teach and guide you to go through your own metamorphosis + to transform into a 

Powerful Spiritual Coach!

With the healing work, practical skills, understanding of modern spirituality theories, +

defining your soul's mission...

we will ignite your spiritual practice in a way that lights you up!


In just 4 transformational months, you will be ready to embody your new identity as a 

Certified Spiritual Life Coach! ​



This is not a "get certified in a weekend" or "access our online course with no support" type of program

So if you are looking for that, we are not a match. 



We are offering a real transformation + this requires an investment on your part. 


I believe that there is something so magnificent about you + it is my mission to call that out in you through this program!

If you are ready, 

learn more about becoming a 

Certified Spiritual Life Coach! ​




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