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In this magical retreat in West Palm Beach, you will learn how to open and activate all your 13 chakras to and get in tune with your light body👇🏻



For this magical and sacred journey of traveling within to Awaken Your 13 Chakras.


This is an 8 week Spiritual Immersion to open up and activate your 13 chakras, includes 3 bonus workshops, and a 1-Day in person retreat to meet + activate your 5 higher chakras!

When you tap into your own inner resources,

you remember that you are the medicine that you need. 


Little Stars
Little Stars


Do you know the point of even working with your chakras? 

And no I am not just talking about the seven in your body and their basic location and color, ect. (Although we do go through that information in detail.)

I am talking about the deeper intention.

The point of aligning and activating your higher chakras is to connect you back to Source in a way that changes your energetic field forever.

Once your 7 chakras in the body operate as ONE system, you can actually open your energy up to activating your higher 5 chakras (we have over 385 chakras, but have to start somewhere right.)


This is the journey we take you on through this course.

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Chakra Retreat


[shac-kra heal·ing]: the process of bringing your 7 energy centers into alignment so your chi harmonizes and can connect with Source properly. Establishing this balanced flow allows all energy to move through your entire chakra system as one energy, opening up your access to utilize your 5 higher chakras. This activation allows you to connect back to Source in a way that strengthens your entire energetic field and stabilizes YOU in a higher frequency.

You are the medicine you need!


When you have all you 7 chakras in your body completely aligned and activated, you bring your high vibrating, loving, true self down into our physical body.

This my fellow light worker, is the opportunity to step into some of our major healing and complete transformation of your energetic system.


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Chakra Immersion

Online Course Opens:
3 BONUS Workshops
1 Day Retreat 
NOVEMBER 5, 2022
9:00am - 5:00pm
West Palm Beach, FL



At the start of this program I took my chakra assessment and my root chakra was - 62 prior to the start of this course.  It is now +12, and the biggest change in all my chakras, although all my chakras increased in vitality.  I focused on healing this chakra through guided meditation, sound healing, reiki, and releasing trapped emotional energy.  I felt very insecure and unsafe in my life, people pleasing, worried about what others thought.  I now feel much more grounded and standing on a firmer foundation of myself.  I am even preparing to walk away from the most secure thing I know – my day job.  Next up, standing in my power.

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Free Workshop

The Magic of Aligning Your Chakras

Little Stars

This Chakra Immersion

Little Stars

I will show you how to connect back to Source in a way that changes your energetic field forever.

This is not about being knocked sideways with inner work. This is about bringing yourself back together.

Yes, we need to get the 7 (basic) chakras in the body moving as one, to accomplish this work, so there is a seven week course leading up to this retreat, but then you will be prepared and ready to truly step into your higher chakra activation.

Regardless of where you are on your path right now, I believe that you are being prepared to step into your highest calling. 

But when your energy is not moving right through your body, this slows the process tremendously.

Many have become familiar with the 7 main chakras in the body, but this doesn't mean their energy is freely running through them. This has actually become a common space of spiritual bypassing, and trying to skip over important inner work.

We actually have up to 385 chakras in our field, but without the 7 running right, we limit our ability to connect to anything higher and even Source itself.

To make this Spiritual Information manageable + digestible we will work with the 7 chakras in the body first in a self-paced learning format, meet for 4 live workshops, and then at the retreat we go through an activation process to open your 5 higher chakras and activate your light body!




Online Class opens 9/1/22

3 BONUS Workshops


In Person Retreat:

Saturday, November 5, 2022

9:00 - 5:00pm @ Awaken


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Our Course + Retreat Will...

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Balance your 7 chakras in your body, remove blocks and show you how to operate as one activated and aligned energy system, and why this is important now

Activate your 5D Consciousness by helping you see through 3D and how to stabilize in 5D

Ground your energy through your Earth star + get your soma + sub chakras activated 

Activate your 5 higher chakras (at our Live Retreat) to connect to Infinite Source and allow that energy to flow into  your field

Help you take command of your energy, activate your field and get in tune with your light body

Ignite your spiritual awareness and connection to Source in ways your Soul has been craving 

Little Stars
Little Stars
Little Stars
Little Stars
Little Stars
Little Stars
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This Course Includes...


8 Weeks of Deep immersive
Chakra Learning

1 Chakra per Week

3 Bonus Workshops 
The Higher Heart
The Soma Chakra
Your Toroidal Field

Chakra Bracelet_Apple copy 15.png

13 Chakra Activation  Crystal Bracelet
(not sold in our store)


2 Breakthrough Techniques
2 Chakra Activations Sessions
12 Chakra Healing Downloads

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Crystal Raffle + Giveaway at the Retreat

1-Day Magical Retreat, Activations, Lunch, Connection + Healing


All of my chakras are now open.  My first chakra test showed only my throat was open and my root, sacral and naval were under-active while my heart, third eye and crown were over-active. This just amazes me as I the questions have not changed but I am confident where I stand with my answers and I think the first time I really did not have definitive answers and now I do. Confidence was something that I hoped to gain from this process.  I see it here. I am happy my heart is no longer over-active but just open.  

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Chakra Course Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to take you through a gradual spiritual unfolding of balancing your 7 chakras inside your body first. And then activating your 5 Higher + several sub Spiritual chakras (outside of your body) during our in person retreat. 


You will learn all about the basics of each chakra 0-12; the energy it carries, the way this energy communicates with you, dominant emotions it holds, spiritual gifts it unlocks, how it acts if its blocked, how the energy can move when balanced, etc. 

Chakra agenda
chakra retreat agenda

The Chakra Retreat Experience

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Our Retreat Curriculum

S E S S I O N  1



S E S S I O N  2



S E S S I O N  3

Sophie Frabotta The Soul Whisperer


S E S S I O N  4

Sophie Frabotta The Soul Whisperer


S E S S I O N  5

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S E S S I O N  6

Sound Healer West Palm Beach


What Others Are Saying


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I just keep saying to myself, I will never be the same. This retreat brought me more intensive healing than I could ever have obtained through traditional therapies. Knowing that I have the ability to call in healing for myself is incredibly powerful. Delving into this space stretched my growth and there were no judgments here, no expectations.



I was in search of connecting to my spiritual/higher self and finding ways to tune in to a deeper connection with my guides. I found that everything throughout the day got me in that space. From the lovely treat bags when you check in, to the crystal raffle, there were so many fun things throughout the day. My favorite thing was the guided meditation that Sophie started us off with. It really connected us as a group of women.



The healing retreat and training had such an impact on me and my spiritual journey. The training on the chakras, meditations and crystal programming were enlightening and it’s helped me connect some dots that I was not able to prior. The retreat also helped me grow in my awareness of how to use the tools and techniques Sophie teaches in the moment daily. This retreat is a must no matter what stage you are in on your spiritual or healing journey.

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Inside Our Retreats!