So I invite you to fully step into your highest self +

Awaken Your 13 Chakras!


Do you want to recreate your life in a way

that serves self-love, health and wellbeing? 


The Awaken Your 13 Chakras is a

21 day healing experience that includes 

an in-person1-day retreat in our new space!

This is our Private Launch Event to kick off

our new home for The Awaken Co.


This experience is all about claiming your

spiritual power through your chakras. 


Healing is an active and internal process

that involves authentically adjusting your attitude,

identifying and healing toxic memories and beliefs,

and releasing old patterns to make space for calling in new light.


Physical illness, stress disorders, and emotional suffering are all seen as spiritual issues that drain your life force energy.


Seeing your problem within a spiritual framework can accelerate your healing because it adds a dimension of purpose and meaning to your crisis.


This experience is a blend of 3 healing modalities.

We will meet for 3 live online group coaching circles,

you get our 21-day online self-paced Chakra Course,

and then we meet for your 1 day intensive healing Retreat!


Chakra Immersion Schedule:

Circle One: 

Thursday, October 28, 2021 @ 2:00pmEDT

Week 1:

Your Energetics + Chakras 1-4

Circle Two: 

Thursday, November 4, 2021 @ 2:00pmEDT

Week 2:

Chakras 5-7, Lotus + Spiral Technique

Week 3:

Saturday, November 13, 2021 9:00am -- 6:00pm

1 Day Live (in-person) Intensive Retreat:

Higher Chakras 8 -12, Earth Star + Full day of Healing

in West Palm Beach, FL


Week 4:

Activating Your Higher Chakras Using Crystals + Essential Oils


Circle Three:

Thursday, November 18, 2021 @ 2:00pmEDT

*If you cannot attend the live circles a downloadable

REPLAY will be sent to you later that day!

This training includes: 


21 Day Online Chakra Course (Level I)

3 Live Masterclasses with Sophie

4 Meditation Downloads

1 Full Day Retreat with:

6 Content Packed Sessions

All your Food throughout the Day

Gift Bag

Crystal Giveaways

Higher Chakra Activation

You are the Medicine You Need

My intention in the Awaken Your 13 Chakra Experience will show you that you are the medicine you need. You can help yourself heal.

You can create your health and re-create your life. As you begin to see that all your human stress corresponds to a spiritual imbalance and is an opportunity for spiritual learning, you can gain insight into your personal power, and can heal any imbalance.

Your are being called..


Regardless of what you have gone through,

you are being prepared to step into your highest calling. 

But when we have energy blocks,

this restricts us from our higher path. 

Most are familiar with the 7 main energy centers (chakras) in the body. 
But we actually have many other energy centers (up to 32 + beyond.)

To make this Spiritual information manageable + digestible, 
we will explore all the chakras in the body in a self-paced learning format and you will have access to this information for the following year.


We will have 6 weeks of training,

3 live online coaching circles,

and meet for our 1 day healing retreat!


During the retreat we will explore the 5 higher chakras, beyond the body,

talk about 3D to 5D consciousness, introduce you to your Light Body, and clean up energy leaks in your Aura. You will be serenaded with tons of

crystals to clear and charge your energy centers. 

Some believe that after the fall of Atlantis,

we went from a 5D to a 3D existence here on Earth. 

This was also the closing of our 5 higher chakras.


But as we collectively ascend + are re-opening to our 5D reality, 
we have the opportunity to re-open + activate these higher chakras.

Activating + energizing your 13 chakras

will allow you to tap into more powerful energies +

awaken deeper realms of consciousness in your human experience.

The best way to explore these chakras

is to experience them for yourself!

Join us for our 1-Month Intensive Healing Event

as we dive deep into this sacred knowledge!


In the online training you will learn:

  • about all the details held within each chakra

  • how the energy moves through that part of your body

  • how to hone your intuition

  • to take a healing assessment to see what is blocked

  • build a healing meditation practice

  • how to look into each chakra to uncover the information it holds for you

  • how to remove blocks from your chakras

  • essential oils and crystal to use with each chakra

  • how to recognize and build upon your ability to feel powerful

  • and develop a deeper connection with yourself


In our Group circles we will:

  • comb through what you are learning in the online course

  • answer any questions that are coming up around your blocks

  • show you how to clear your blockages that appear

  • flush new energy into your body + chakras

  • connect with the other likeminded individuals who will also be at the retreat


During the Retreat we will:

  • Explain the Journey out of 3D and in to 5D

  • Explore chakras 8 -12 + activate them to get your spiritual energy flowing

  • Introduce you to your Earth star + get your energy grounded

  • Dive deep into the Soul Star, Spirit, Universal, Galactic, and Divine Source chakras to drawn from the powerful frequency of your field

  • Show you how to protect yourself from others tapping into your energy

  • Help you to command your energy, clear your field, and protect yourself

  • Take you on a crystal + oil journey to show you all the crystals that can help you heal, deal, or feel better in your life! 

  • Clear your entire energetic field with a powerful crystal sound bowl healing session.




Awaken Your 13 Chakras Includes: 


21 Day Online Chakra Course (Level I)

3 Live Group Coaching Circles with Sophie

4 Meditation Downloads

1 Full Day Retreat with:

6 Content Packed Sessions

All your Food throughout the Day

Gift Bag

Crystal Giveaways

Higher Chakra Activation


The Curriculum:


Week 1: October 28, 2021

Our Live Group Circle #1

Understanding Your Energetics

Your Healing Assessment

1st Chakra / Root Chakra

Grounding Meditation

2nd Chakra / Sacral Chakra

3rd Chakra / Solar Plexus Chakra

4th Chakra / Heart Chakra

Awaken Your Chakra Meditation


Week 2: November 4, 2021

Our Live Group Circle #2

5th Chakra / Throat Chakra

Understanding the Lotus

6th Chakra / Third Eye Chakra

7th Chakra / Crown Chakra

Chakra Spiraling Technique

The 7 Chakras: Crystals + Oils Chart


Week 3: Retreat - November 13, 2021

Spiraling Your Chakras

Spiral Technique: 11 Minute Meditation 

Retreat Sessions:

1: The Journey from 3D to 5D

2: Higher Chakra Activation 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 + Earth Star

3: Sound Bowl Healing Session

4: Aura Healing + Repairing 

5: Crystal Activations + Programming

6: Energetic Boundaries

7: Healing Sound Closing Ceremony


Week 4: November 18, 2021

Closing Live Group Circle #3

Activating The Higher Chakras: 16 Minute Meditation

The Higher Chakras: 8-12 + Earth Star

Crystals + Oils for Higher Chakras

Notes from Retreat


Space is limited. Payment Plans Available.

Men + Women Welcome.  

(If you have already paid for Chakra Level I,

that will be deducted from the total.)

Get $200 of here.

Your Questions Answered


I just keep saying to myself, I will never be the same. This retreat brought me more intensive healing than I could ever have obtained through traditional therapies. Knowing that I have the ability to call in healing for myself is incredibly powerful. Delving into higher chakra work definitely stretches my growth and there were no judgments here, no expectations. There is light and love as you open up to your journey in restoring the fragmented pieces of who you are to move closer to that feeling of wholeness and oneness. The feeling of balance and true cleansing after this retreat was something I sought after for so long and was only able to find it at Sophie’s Chakra Healing Retreat. I found an awakening in my calling to heal others and alignment with the path I need to walk to find the harmony in being an empath. 

I was looking for an experience to add more awareness and healing in my life. From the lovely treat bags when you check in, to the crystal raffle, there were so many fun things throughout the day. My favorite thing was the guided meditation with that Sophie started us off with. It really connected us as a group of women to start our loving day together. During the day we all connected on a spiritual level! The awareness she taught us to reach our higher chakras was very insightful, the sound bowl healing was powerful. I went in search of connecting to my spiritual/higher self and finding ways to tune in to a deeper connection with my guides. I found that everything throughout the day got me in that space. I would certainly go again and would really love to have it become a frequent thing. It was the perfect retreat, thank you Sophie for sharing this experience with us.

The healing retreat and training had such an impact on me and my spiritual journey. The training on the chakras, meditations and crystal programming were enlightening and it’s helped me connect some dots that I was not able to prior. The retreat also helped me grow in my awareness of how to use the tools and techniques Sophie teaches in the moment daily. This retreat is a must no matter what stage you are in on your spiritual or healing journey. Sophie’s approach to her training provides deep knowledge and awareness in an way that is easily understandable and implementable.

Ready to Awaken

Your 13 Chakras?

A word from Sophie


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