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Is your chakra energy running wrong?


Here is how you may know...

Are you having trouble finding your soul mate? 

Do you have money problems?

Are you longing to know your purpose?

Do you have chronic health issues?


If you answered yes,

You may have some chakras blockages.


Join Sophie, The Awaken Co.’s founder, 
in our Free Class and learn about the Magic 
that is waiting for you, as you align your chakra energy!




You will learn:


  • What your body is communicating to you + the energetic meaning behind it

  • What physical problems may appear if you have a chakra blockage

  • Which problems correlate to each chakra

  • How to move energy through your chakras

  • The main energy blockage that each chakra represents

  • And then you will be guided in meditation to move light and energy into each chakra

As you dive deep within to this ancient yet modern knowledge,

we will access your own inner treasures, your chakras!


This will open your vision and understanding

to experience your life force energy moving through you.

Your life force energy flow will increase your Divine connection,

Awaken your consciousness and give you access to your own inner knowledge.


This class will empower your higher self,

bring in new energy, and give you tons of ideas on what to do next. 


Take our free class, I want to help you clear your chakras



Your Chakras

 F R E E  C L A S S 

Georgie said...
Spiritual Life Coach Training96.jpg

I listened to this morning, and I really loved it!  It helped me feel more grounded and pointed out where I am feeling insecure.  It was very helpful!!

Jon said...
Awaken Men's Retreat-2.jpg

Thanks for the chakra energy shift.  I have got a huge blockage and now know what to do.