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The Ultimate Healing

Awaken Your Soul's Magic is designed to provide you the ultimate healing space to AWAKEN and transform at a deeper level than you have gone before.


Through this spiritual healing work I will guide you to tap into space so profound, you will begin to believe and know “I am so loved and held by the universe, that I KNOW I can truly handle whatever comes my way.”​ It is this awareness that then will move you to show up in your life as the real YOU!

I am not afraid to say that Soul-Love will change your life, because it has changed mine!

Most Asked Questioons

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I believe you can heal, like truly heal. Not the kind of healing where you are like "I’m ok now." But the kind of healing that says, “I am so grateful I went through that, because now understand what was trying to be revealed to me and I had the right tools to process it through and I have come out on the other side, a different person."

I can’t tell you how many times on my healing path I was encouraged to accept my circumstances, rather than seek a breakthrough.

I didn’t want to just accept my darkness.

I wanted  to learn how to use real tools that led me to a breakthrough. I wanted to learn how to process all my feelings, tips to face my shadow side, guidance on how to find the gunk my ego had been hiding, know how to release that stale energy and reprogram myself with the truth. So I dug and dug until I learned how to do it.  

And in Awaken Your Soul's Magic I show you how to do it too!

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I don't just focus on your desires and give you a generic road map to get there.  I help you tap into your soul and find the blocks that are in the way of your getting what you really want.  I show you how to find and then heal the energy deep within around those blocks. I don't just guide your mind, I also help you connect to your soul, and once established this connection is never lost. 

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We begin by activating your feeling of safety within. After we establish that safety, we will find your trauma response and turn it off. Then we will explore the cords that are attached to you that may be running toxic energy and show you how to cut, remove or untangle them to establish a more harmonious energy flow. We will then explore the laws of the universe and how they help you get into alignment with your soul, and we end by showing you our unique manifestation tool box and the 12 steps to manifest your dream life.


Over the 20 weeks of training and 10 months of Soul-Love Support, you will learn an array of different spiritual practices and how to integrate them to change your energy on a daily basis.​

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Every week you will have one video lesson and healing session unlocked. The initial day is about 1 hour of work and then you are asked to do the healing session (eyes closed meditation 3-6 times per week, all under 20 minutes.) So anywhere from 2-3 hours a week at most.

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“I got to meet a part of me that I hadn’t known before.”

“I saw how I was living my life. I saw things I liked, things I needed to change + had clear instructions on how to do it.”

“I stopped giving so much attention to what others thought about me and that has been so freeing!”

“I just began to feel happier with who I really am.”

“I stopped worrying so much + began to trust my higher power.”

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You can see all the payment options that we offer by starting your registration. We offer 3 different payment plans and currently have a coupon code active on that page. You can start you registration here.

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My question for you...

👉🏻 Do you really know yourself deep down?
👉🏻 Are you truly happy with how you are living your life?
👉🏻 Do you care too much about what other people think of you?
👉🏻 Do you know how to really love yourself?

If you said NO to 2 or more of these questions, then I invite you to step into our spiritual healing container and travel through a transformational experience that will change your whole world.

Awaken Your Soul's Magic

Will Vibrate You Open

If you are ready to become the woman you are meant to be and drop all that energetic baggage you have been carrying around for far too long, then I invite you to join us for Awaken Your Soul's Magic, a 20 week transformational experience + soul love community. 

The problem with just seeking out self help without a guide is you are not being led to the root of your issues, you are just dealing with the presenting problem.

What if I could take the next 10 years of your life and teach you how to heal what has been holding you back in the next 20 weeks?

Need help making a decision?

Want to begin Your Spiritual Healing?

This program is designed to provide you the ultimate healing space to AWAKEN your life affirming spiritual practice. If you feel something calling you to join us, you can start your registration below to see all our payment options.


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