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Join us for an 8 Day Virtual Retreat + 19 Week training that guides you through 4 powerful modules: Inner Healing, Spiritual Awareness, Spiritual Visioning, and Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach.


Join us on a 20 week spiritual emersion journey to Heal your Inner Child, Turn off your Trauma Response, Transform Energetic Cords, Develop a Spiritual Practice, Learn about the Laws of the Universe and Manifest Your Dream Life.

Our programs will bring you to the core of your being, where your true magical essence resides!

Get ready to be healed deep within and re- programmed with excellence!

We will unlock the deepest part of your inner greatness! And turn your spirituality into a profitable career!

Your Magical Essence

The time is now! You could do what I did and spend 2 decades of your life learning how to embody this type of spirituality, or you can join our certification program + gain the identity, title, skills, tools, confidence, credibility + community of people with a common goal—to AWAKEN! If you feel something calling you to join us, we welcome your application!​

After you start your application, you will be able to view all our payment plans, dates, and all that is included in your tuition.


Your information will be held as confidential + sacred!


Your information will be held as confidential + sacred!