3D  to  5D

Quick Reference Guide

3:29 - free will zone

4:07 - brief God choice

5:08 - locked in 3D

8:10 - moving out of 3D

8:48 - temporary God choice

12:59 - permanent God choice

24:05 - 5 steps to get into 5D

Class by Sophie Frabotta

Work with Sophie


Transform your Life with one of our programs. Go on an 8 week healing journey, a 90 day transformational  journey, or embark upon a 6 month personal development quest with Sophie + watch your life evolve!



Connect the mission in your heart to your daily reality + finally get into alignment with the feeling that you are fully living your purpose! This Spiritual Life Coach Training is a spiritually driven, hands on, interactive training, and transformational experience with a 3 Day weekend Retreat + 16 weeks of online trainings with Sophie.



Sophie works with a small group of like minded souls who are ready to change how they see themselves and the world. 

We meet for 2 Video Group Sessions / month with Sophie + your Self-Love Tribe. There are then 2 online course lessons per month + interaction with your self-love tribe. 


THE WORLD needs you! 

If you look at traditional psychology,

they will tell you what we are doing is impossible.


Yet we are witnessing

healing and transformation

every single day! 



You can too! 

There are people out there right now, 

who are waiting for you to step into your purpose

so you can help them! 


you are going to be trying to live your purpose right?


One way or another,

you will invest time and hope that

2020 will be your year!

So you might as live it with intention!




being in this space...

in just 4 months

feeling strong on your two feet,

empowered with your soul purpose +

confident in your ability to create

what you know deep down,

you were meant for! 

Just think... in only four months,

you could go through the most powerful transformation

and will come out on the other side with a powerful coaching system +

you will be ready to make the impact

you have been dreaming about!

You can either make it happen,

or just hope it will happen.

So my question for you is,

are you ready to step into 

 your spiritual purpose?